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A lot of people know that there exist such writing jobs as a writer and editor. A lot know but very few realize what they do, how they perform and what different complications they face each day while working.

To make everything fall into place let’s clarify a bit and try to show what writers and editors do, who they are and what they have to challenge to succeed in their task.

Where do they work?

A writer and an editor are both widely spread professions all over the world. In most cases places where you can meet either one or another are more than various. For, example, a writer can easily be an employee of a periodical newspaper or a marketing company. Meanwhile an editor can occupy a position in a financial holding or on TV channel.

In our particular case, we will consider only online writing services and writers and editors who deal with essay writing.

Online writing services are offices which provide various writing assistance on any matter. Applying to such a service, one can easily order an essay, a dissertation, a research paper or any other writing piece done without any efforts. This is where writers perform.

As well, one in need may the same way order editing works online. There are a lot of situations when you have got a writing document, a simple essay etc. and you are not sure about writing clarity or whether you are strict to instructions or not. In this case he or she will call on editors’ services to come in action.


A writer is a person who performs composing and writing tasks on stated topics. The main goal of a writer is to make an order fit all requests.


An editor is the one who checks tasks performed by a writer and make all needed adding works and corrections. He searches if there are any mistakes and makes decisions concerning clarity and suitability of a completed assignment.

Help: essay writing service

When a student finds himself in a difficult situation and realizes that the deadline is near, more often than not he or she applies to special writing services. In this case all is needed – to type write my essay in a search line, press enter and the solution will appear before eyes.

Thus, when you need writing help, remember that it is provided by one of those writers and editors.

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