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Welcome to Bigstar Media Design, LLC. We’re excited to announce our own launch as a new company focused on serving your business needs in the digital space. We have nearly 20 years of experience designing, building, marketing, and writing for websites of all levels and sizes – from personal blogs to some of the largest news media and publishing sites in the United States. We can’t wait to add your website and business to that list.

Why Bigstar Media Design?

Great question and we’re glad you asked! We love design. Not just beautiful websites or logos, but functional and easy-to-use features and content. We all rely on websites and the internet to find or share valuable information that impacts our lives daily. Building beautiful websites that are more enjoyable to use is not only satisfying, it is really important work.

Most importantly, we love meeting new people and starting new projects. Whether we’re starting from scratch or taking on something that’s already great and helping to make it just a little bit better, a little more efficient, or a little more marketable. We love new challenges. There’s a real joy to uncovering and executing solutions, often simple solutions, that eliminate pain points for other people.

Web design is only beautiful if it is also functional and works as your customers expect it to. It is our hope that LMD can help you solve some of the digital challenges you face with beautiful and functional solutions that yield results for your business.

We look forward to working with you. Reach out to us and introduce yourself!


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