Mobile microscope
Mobile microscope
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In a report published on Medium, The Knight Foundation summarizes key points about the growing audience seeking news on smartphones. This is part one of a multi-part series based on a research study conducted with Nielsen and commissioned by Knight Foundation to explore how people use mobile platforms for news. The really interesting findings are that nearly all adults mobile users consume news on their devices and social media sites and apps are increasingly go-to sources for that news. Mobile users trust their friends, contacts and people they follow on social media more than they do media outlets.

You can read the full report from The BigstarMedia here. Part two breaks down the audience demographics by age, income and other factors. Part three is an infographic showing the trends in mobile news consumption.

The big take-away is not just that more people are getting their news on mobile devices, but how they’re doing it. They’re not necessarily going straight to the news outlets. They’re getting the news from the places they’re already spending most of their time, on social networking apps like Facebook and Twitter. Publishers are well aware of this trend and are running, not walking, to take advantage of new ways to distribute their content via those channels and in a way that’s optimized for mobile. One such way is Facebook Instant Articles, which allows a faster and more seamless experience for consuming articles found on the platform.

This has huge implications for advertisers as well. Competition for ad budget dollars is fierce. Where will they spend their money? Where’s the most value? Display advertising and pay-per-click advertising both have value, but understanding the goals of any campaign and delivering measurable results is key.


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