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Learn the main aspects of the literature review writing

We are confident that you have made sense of the literature and thus you understand the important role of the literature for your paper. The main purpose of literature review is to provide evidence that you have researched and have a good grasp of the information concerning your subject of interest. Well-written literature review has the following functions:

  • to demonstrate the importance of the topic
  • to accommodate background information needed to understand the research process
  • to show that your research paper is a link of a chain of research process of your field of study. Thus you have to demonstrate that your paper is linked with the previous researches and with the field of study in the whole.
  • to show your audience that you are familiar with solid and relevant publications related to the topic This section of the piece of academic writing usually provides a brief overview of the theory and research literature laying an emphasis on the sources closely connected to the topic of the research paper. This section with citations of authorities of the field of study serves the best as a piece of evidence for supporting research proposal.

Literature review writing tips

Take into consideration that literature review can serve as a separate article, part of the research question or a segment of a series of chapters on several topics. When writing this challenging section you should bring into notice that the arrangement of the review depends mostly on the paper format and field of study. You should pay your attention to the workable literature review writing tips for the purpose of creating outstanding section of the academic paper:

  • When writing literature review you should avoid technical terminology.
  • Do not use abbreviations and provide explanations of the terminology you use
  • It is advisable to use simple sentences instead of long and complicated ones. Thus your audience will be able to cope with your paper.
  • It is necessary to use Active voice rather than Passive.
  • Bring into notice that you should use only the most relevant and reliable resources.
  • Bring into notice the importance of transitions. Make your text readable and fluent.
  • It is necessary to proofread and edit your paper. Make sure that your section is free of grammar, spelling and typographical errors.

In this section you should list all sources you have used when writing your paper. Also you should show why it is important to research this issue. Make sure that you know all the requirements of the assignment and that your paper hits the spot of it.

Literature review writing assistance

Take into consideration that you should do your best when writing literature review as it calls for thorough research, a lot of time, patience and profound knowledge of the field of study. What if you have no possibility to accomplish this assignment? Whom can you entrust writing your paper? We at WritingBee.com are happy to help you with any assignment despite of level of difficulty and discipline. Just order your paper here and enjoy your free time and perfectly written academical paper!

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