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Freelance Writer Cover Letter

A cover letter or, as it is often called, a letter of motivation is a letter usually attached to such document as curriculum vitae or resume. The main purpose of a cover letter is to provide more extended information about a person who sends a resume to an employer. Since, a CV has a specified shape and must be written strictly and concisely, such an application may provide a kind of explanation to details of your characteristics.

To clarify all aspects of freelance writer cover letters we shall discuss this matter a little closer in details. We will see the use and possibilities of cover letters in terms of writing jobs.

General info and main ideas

Very frequently those who seek for job attach a letter of motivation to a resume enabling an employer to examine potential employees more thoroughly. As we have said, when writing curriculum vitae, one rarely has an opportunity to point all information about him to the full extent of one’s power. There are numbers of situations when you describe yourself and want to explain some features of your character or to illustrate your skills widely but ultimately refuse as it is not suitable for resume.

At the same time sending a letter of motivation, you have an exceptional opportunity to add any information you like. It has a lot to do with essay writing since literally you tell a story about yourself. Though there exist special requirements to cover letter format.

Basically, there are several types of freelance writer cover letter:

a letter of request: in this letter, the applicant requests for a list of jobs which may fit him according to resume;

a letter of confirmation: in this letter, the applicant tells the employer that he is willing and ready to get to work;

a letter of rejection: in this letter, the applicant states that he rejects the proposed vacancy;

a letter of application: this letter is sent in response to a specific vacant position; here you need to point why you are the very that person an employer is looking for;

a letter of thanks: the letter usually sent by an applicant after the interview in order to show an employer your interest in the proposed position;

a letter of inventory: the letter informs about the number and types of documents that an applicant has sent to an employer to examine.

Cover letter format

As we have mentioned before, regardless its descriptive form any letter of motivation has direct guidelines. To compose freelance writer cover letters in appropriate way there exist a list of elements of a cover letter.

Generally, any motivation letter is one-page long and consists of four major parts:

• header;
• introduction;
• body;
• closing.

Actually, composing of a freelance writer cover letter should not bring about any difficulties as any writer must know how to write such a letter. If you still wonder and ask yourself: “how to write a cover letter”, just like students bother themselves: “how to write my essay”, do not hesitate and feel free to use online services.

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