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August 4th, 2012

The Right Way To Use Examples of a Persuasive Essay

Example of a persuasive essay helps students draft an essay based on convincing readers about a point of view held by them. Basically, a persuasive essay should work on people with arguments supporting the essay statement. It would help them make up their minds. If writers manage to convince a wide audience to agree with their point of view, they would have succeeded in successfully using the example to draft the essay. A balanced viewpoint is always a better option when writing an argumentative essay. Writers are entitled to have their own views, but it should be backed by solid evidence. Students have to learn how to conceive ideas, express them in a convincing manner, and consider different viewpoints before arriving at a compelling essay. A example would help in many different ways.

Students have to decide on a topic for the essay writing. Examples of persuasive essays offer a ready topic for them. It elaborates on it and provides the direction students must take to compile the write your essay. For example, the example could be in the form of the question, “What are your thoughts on animal testing? Use appropriate arguments to convince other students that the act is inhumane.” Students must note the examples need not be posed as questions but can directly connect to the topic. It is always better to elaborate on the example and create interest among readers by tackling controversial issues. Students can disagree with a point of view and then collect relevant information on their viewpoint. The goal is clear. They must be able to convince people about the merits of their essay.

An example is an important tool, as students would have several assignments where they would have to express themselves convincingly in school. The avenues open to them to collect relevant information about the examples are many. The approach is more important. While attempting a persuasive essay, students must be able to anticipate objections that could be raised by readers and work on providing the necessary arguments to counter them. The essay example offers direction in this regard. Students could use it in a brainstorming session to arrive at such objections and then provide the necessary arguments to counter them.

Structuring content is of great importance in a persuasive essay. Students have to logically arrange ideas and arguments in the essay for readers to be convinced of a viewpoint. For instance, the most important argument in support of the essay statement would occur first in the essay. Example of a persuasive essay provide the idea for framing that argument. Students must remember that the essay statement based on the example is what draws readers towards the essay. They can draft the essay based on one important argument and then derive other arguments around it. Writing a persuasive essay requires practice, but using examples to frame the essay statement is the safest method to arrive at a convincing essay, especially if students are confronted with complex topics. The entire process can be broken down into parts. Each part should connect to the topic, which is turn is based on the example. Can write a good example of a persuasive essay? Try our writing jobs!

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