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The process to register and place orders at WritingBee.com is purposefully defined to be simple and consistent, so that you can easily place an order, communicate with the writers, and get your completed order without any trouble. The following steps outline the entire process from registering at our website to getting your first order completed.

1. Registration

You need to complete a registration form, specifying your personal and payment details that are treated as confidential information. Once all information is received, you will be allotted the unique customer ID. Using your customer ID, you can access your own customer dashboard, where you can place your orders and related information.

2. Order Placement and Assigning

Once the order and associated details are agreed with you, the order is placed on the online order board. Your credit card will be charged at this stage as a guarantee. We employ a large, talented, and highly qualified team of writes. Your order will be assigned to the most suitable writer. We use fair and consistent criteria to assign writers to orders. This includes the writer’s qualification, experience in the subject, number of similar orders completed, current workload, and other factors.

3. Working Process

Once your order is allotted to a suitable writer, they immediately start working on it. You can directly communicate with the writer through your customer dashboard during the writing process.

4. Quality Assurance and Feedback

When the writer completes your order, it is checked by our quality assurance department before passing it on to you. You review the completed order and provide your feedback.


Our Departments

WritingBee.com is functionally divided into a number of departments, which work together to ensure that your satisfaction is achieved. We have teams for:

  • Finance and Accounts – to take care of billing, invoicing, refund processing, etc.
  • Customer Services – working 24×7 to respond to your each and every query.
  • Quality Assurance – to review the completed orders, and perform quality checks.
  • Information Technology – to ensure that all communication between you and WritingBee.com remain confidential; and the payment modes are adequately secured.
  • Writers – who will write your academic papers, strictly adhering to the deadline and given instructions.

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