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How to apply your essay format appropriately

There are many formats which are used to document academic essays. Having a good knowledge of the ones which you are regularly asked to use will help you save time while writing out your essay. Depending upon your subject and the preferences of your teachers, you will be able to gather an idea of which essay format you would be using most often. Once you figure that out, you must try and learn the specifications of that format so that it will be easier for you to prepare your essay in an impressive manner.

The most commonly used formats for essay writing

Out of the most commonly used essay formats are the APA format, MLA format and the Chicago style. Each of these styles is unique in their presentation and citation methods. You will need to refer to the latest edition of the manual of style you are using, to get an accurate idea of the updated methods. But there are certain aspects which are specific to these styles. If you know those basic points, it will become easier for you to follow the specifications regarding the formatting of your project.

• The APA style is usually used for the documentation of psychology and sociology essays. The main features of the APA format are:

1. The use of a running head on the title page and all the consecutive pages on the top right hand corner, alongside the page number.
2. The in-text citation format of (author, date) where the surname of the author and the date of publishing are given.
3. The bibliography section titled ‘References’, which starts on a separate page.
4. The footnotes which are used only for the purpose of giving extra information on parts of the text.

• The MLA format is used for literature and humanities papers. The main attributes of this essay format are:

1. The title page which is a part of the first page of the first page of the essay.
2. The surname of the author and the page number printed on the top right hand corner of all pages.
3. The reference section with the heading of ‘Works Cited’ presented on a separate page.
4. The use of content notes for giving additional information on parts of the text.

• The Chicago style is favored for history essays. The specifications of this style include:

1. Two types of documentation – the notes and bibliography method and the author-date system, to be used as preferred by the teachers.
2. Footnotes or end notes for in-text referencing and a reference section with the heading of ‘bibliography’ in the notes and bibliography method.
3. In-text citations which present the surname of the author and the date of publishing within parentheses, in the author-date system.

If these essay formats look confusing to you or if you are too tight for time to format your essay well enough, there is no need to despair. We offer help with the formatting of all types of essays including the Chicago, MLA and APA style essays, 250 and 1000 word essays, argumentation and persuasion essays and so on. We also offer outstanding custom essays in all subjects. You can buy an essay from us which is prepared specially for you, as per the specific requirements of your project.

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